Great Leap Brewery in Beijing

Great Leap was the very first micro-brewery joint that opened in Beijing back in 2010. If you know anything about Chinese history, you will understand the play on words with “The Great Leap Forward” in recent Chinese history. I’m not going to bore you with a history lesson, so look it up if you so desire.  Just a casual fifteen minutes stroll from Nanluoguxiang, lies truly one of the coolest places to sit back with a beer in Beijing. Tucked away in an oh so quiet hutong, is The Great Leap Brewery’s original location where they pour a range of delicious IPA’s and other darker choices as well.

If your like me, in big city’s you seek the quiet places where you can truly feel like you possess a sense of solitude. This is one of those places. The inside of the brewery is quite small with only two long wooden tables for seating and a bar counter with stools. The wood is a mixture of dark brown and light yellow which just seems to perfectly match any beer you might choose.

However, what is so awesome about this place is that there is a quaint outdoor seating area, composed of a combination of round tables and long ones. What’s more ,is that there are walls surrounding the whole place so you really get the feel that you are in your own secluded area.

If you’re in the mood for more than beer, no problem. There are a variety of snacks on the menu and several AMAZING restaurants in the area that will deliver to the restaurant. When I was there a few days ago, my group ordered from Mr.Shi’s Dumplings, which has some of the best dumplings I’ve had to date in Beijing.

I didn’t include any pictures of the location because you can check them out on The Great Leap website.There are two Great Leap locations in Beijing, and if you only have time for one, definitely go to the one in Doujiao Hutong.  I highly recommend going to this one because of its character and you can spend some time before or after exploring the other hutongs in the area.

This brewery is also in a great location with many other hutongs, Ghost street and Houhai to explore.

Where: Great Leap Brewing in Doujiao hutong – about 15 minutes walk from Nanluoguxiang subway / 大跃啤酒豆角胡同, 靠近南罗鼓巷地铁站It’s notoriously difficult to find, so printing off the map or using GPS on your phone is a good idea! Mostly outdoor seating.



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