Oh those summer nights

It’s late Friday night and our power is out. Billy  opens our electricity closet to check our electricity card. In China, electricity is administered through cards and we have to re-charge them every once in a while at our bank. So, back to the card. Billy checked our card and then we put in another card just to be safe. Still no power. Cristina is sweating and we have work tomorrow.

12:00 AM. We call our agents a few times. No answer. We call some other people. No answer. We decide to throw in the towel for the evening and decide to tackle it the next day.

9:00 AM Saturday.- Billy goes to the bank to re-charge our card. The bank tells him that our card is broken. Well $%@t

2:00 P.M. At work my colleagus say I will have to have my agent help me. Agent isn’t answering her phone.

4:00 P.M.- The idea of a staying in a hotel for the night is sounding ever so  appealing…

8:00 P.M.- Our agent finally sends us a text, NOT  a return call, and gives us an address  in Chinese that tells us wear we can get a new electricity card.

9:30 P.M.- Billy gets in a cab and tells the driver wear to go. Billy goes to the boonies and gets a new electricity card.

10:00 P.M.- Crisitna is packing an overnight pack in case we have to stay in a hotel. Because that would be so bad and all…

10:30 P.M.- Billy comes back with the electricity card and puts it into our slot. Still no electricity. A few more $%# are thrown around.

11:00 P.M.- Billy miraculously finds an electrician somewhere. He didn’t quite tell me how he found him but I’m grateful nonetheless.

11:15 P.M.- The electrician has a very thick northern Chinese accent so it’s difficult for me to understand some of his words. He fiddles with our box for a while, presses some buttons and then, voila! WE HAVE AIR. In Beijing, I’m much more concerned with air conditioning than with light.

11:30 P.M.- The electrician laughs and tells us what was wrong and we smile and laugh with him having absolutely no idea what he is telling us. We thank him, walk inside ,and are in fits of laughter and thankful for Chinese electricians.




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