10 reasons you should visit Thailand

For seasoned travelers, Thailand might seem like a cliché destination for one’s adventures. The country thrives on tourism which has transformed the country into an easily accessed and highly developed place. However, despite being cliché in some areas, I would 100% encourage any traveler to visit this place. To put it simply, Thailand is a truly magical place. I’ve visited several countries in Southeast Asia and this country is at the top of my list and I’m going to tell you why.


1. The Land of Smiles

Thai people are extraordinarily nice and welcoming. People will go out of their way to help you and there is a kind of demeanor amongst the people who is felt throughout all places in Thailand. Whether you are going to a bar on Kao San  road in Bangkok or lying on the beach in Krabi, you will not be let down by the people.

2. Accessible & Developed

I believe Thailand is the perfect destination for travelers who may be a little more hesitant to travel to Southeast Asia. So for weary travelers, don’t worry about blackouts, breakdowns or anything of that nature.

3. Transportation

It is very easy to travel around Thailand. There are hundreds of flights, trains, & buses that can take you around the country. This point here can’t be said for every country in Asia and it is a major reasons why people choose Thailand and why they keep coming back to Thailand.

4. The beaches

While there probably will be people on the beach wherever you are going in Thailand, that doesn’t take away from their incredible beauty. What is incredible about Thailand is the karst rock formations that you can find throughout the southern region of Thailand. If you want to get excited about the beauty you will see in Thailand, watch “The Beach”. Albeit, it’s a terrible movie, it was all filmed in Thailand.


5. The food

Thai food will forever be my favorite cuisine. There is simply so much wonderful food and you can get it at a cheap price.


6. 60 min massages for $10 dollars.

Need I say more? Make sure you get a “traditional Thai massage” because it’s their signature one. It’s a very intense massage but you will feel incredible afterwards.

7. Getting up close and personal with elephants

Thailand has some incredible opportunities to learn and interact with elephants. I was talking to one traveler who was headed to a place where she was going to take care of an elephant for three full days! How amazing is that?

8. High value destination

Whether you want to go all out and spend the big bucks or live on $50 dollars a day ,like I did, this place can satisfy whatever kind of vacation you want.

9. A chance to go off the beaten track

While many part of Thailand are very developed, that doesn’t mean you can’t find some truly adventurous places to travel. Head up north for some amazing travel around Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Up north, you can experience some incredible and authentic Thai culture. There are many opportunities to even visit the border with countries like Laos, Myanmar and China.

* note: if you hold a Chinese visa, you can cross over the border and visit the small villages that border Thailand.

10. Meeting people from all walks of life

Thailand draws in people from all over the world. As mentioned previously, it’s a magical place. If your like me, you know that one of the best things about traveling is the people you meet and the people who share the same passion for adventure as you.It’s amazing to be sitting on a bus, train, beach, plane and just strike up a conversation with someone. When i was there two weeks ago, I met a young Swedish man who was solo traveling Asia for three months and I met a southern woman from Georgia who had never been outside the United States. I’m telling you, all walks of life.